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Setinel RP Character Page

By RulerOfTheSkies, Dec 22, 2012 | Updated: Jan 20, 2013 | |
  1. RulerOfTheSkies
    History: Clans of birds from around the world have converged into a single point- the Glass Forest. Humankind a destroyed the earth with nuclear weapons, making all places uninhabitable.All that is left of the earth is a single forest. The birds of the world, somehow immune to the radiation, mutated to levels of intelligence far beyond what they should be.Some had powers.They formed the Alliance,and peace was know for many years. But that was not to be. Some of them wanted more power, and would do anything to attain it....
    So,will you join the Sentinels( The scraps of the Alliance) Or will you be part of the Uprising? You choose!

    Birds: You can be of...
    Or any other predatory bird, but you must PM me beforehand.
    NOTE-If you create a Songbird, you MUST accept the risk of being eaten!


    (Must read)

    1.This is my RP, what I say goes
    2.iluvorpingtons, bluedragonfire, and Owllover are second in command
    3.Correct punctuation,grammar usage,capitalization,language, etc AT ALL TIMES PLEASE!
    4Unlimited characters
    5.RP all your characters at least once every three days ( Unless you tell me first) Or I will remove them from the RP
    6.PG-13 at most
    7.Your character cannot be invincible
    8.Your character can only dodge 1 out of 5 attacks
    9.When attacking, the OTHER person decides the injury
    10.Any injuries received must be as bad as a scratch
    11.Please be reasonable with injuries. Your character cannot come out of a fight unharmed, or with only a small scratch.
    12.Any power is acceptable, just run it by me first.
    13.No killing unless its okay with the other person
    14.No controlling other`s characters
    15.Have Fun!​
    Species:Artic Gyrfalcon
    Description:She is very serious, and is an exellent fighter. She often wears bladed leg bands.

    Species:Black Hawk
    Power:Can disappear into the shadows
    Description:Turned mad by the radiation, he turned against all that is good. He start to take over the glass forest recruiting whoever he could.If they didn`t, they would die. He is ruthless

    Name: Smoke
    Age: 2
    Species: Black Kite
    Description: Very dark gray-brown feathers, almost black. Piercing pale golden eyes and dark gray primaries with a bright, yellow, black-tipped beak and black talons. White pin feathersare mixed with the dark on his head, and tawny markings on the tips of the middle primaries.

    Name: Linnae
    Age: 3
    Species: American Harpy Eagle
    Description: Has a back and outer wings that are black as a moonless night. Her belly is white with a collar-like sploch of black around her neck that dips to around half a foot from the base of her wing. The bottoms of her wings are splotched with black. Her eyes are a sharp gold-gray, they are wise but reckless, often not following what she knows is right because of rash choices. Her face is a pale foggy gray it is circular and has a dark crest adorns the top edges of her face. Her talons are long and her grip is strong and sharp as her tounge.

    Name: Blizzard
    Age: 2
    Species: Gyrfalcon
    Description: White with black specks and black eyes

    Name: Sedna
    Age: 2
    Species: Great Horned owl
    Description: Dark grey feathers with band of white around neck. Rusty feathers on tips of ears and around face, and piercing yellow eyes.

    Name: Slate
    Age: 1
    Species: Dark-eyed Junco
    Description: A very small bird (5 inches from beak to tail) Most of his feathers are a dark slate-gray, white a white belly and dark eyes and a pinkish bill. His tail is black at the tip.

    Name: Summer
    Age: 2
    Breed: (Species) Northern Harrier
    Description: Haw dark, muddy body and covert feathers with splashes of white tha increase around the neck and greater coverts. Her primaries and tail feathers have faint tawny markings. White pin feathers form a roughly circular disk a little less than a couple inches from her eyes on her face, ending at the top of the eyes and just under the beak. Lighter feathers form markings over her eyes like eyebrows, with wider markings just below the eyes that end at the lower mandible of her beak. Her chest is lighter with more white feathers than her back and sides. Her legs are yellow with a brownish sheen. Her beak is a deep gray with a black tip. Her wings both form vauge V-shapes in flight, and her eyes are a deep amber-gold.

    Description:Dark as night. He follows Onyx, hoping for power and glory

    Name: Sophia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2
    Side: Sentinel
    Breed: Artic Tern
    Description: Mostly pure white with black feathers on the top of her head.
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Power: Telekinesis
    Username: bluedragonfire

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