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    chicken.jpg Showing chickens is a fun activity for all ages. Many people in the US show chickens and other poultry.

    The first think you should get is the APA standard of perfection. This is what the judges use well judging. This will also help you pick out your show birds.

    Classes of poultry

    The main classes are:

    - breeding pen or trio: is 1 male and 2 females
    - egg production is 2 females
    - meat production is 2 of a gender

    Show prep

    Before a show you will want to keep your birds in a dry environment. You will want to train your birds to be calm when taken in and out of a cage.
    There is special feed for show birds you might want to use to.
    The day before the show you should wash your birds with ivory soap.
    Some people will but their birds in pens inside of a shed to protect their feathers better. The one thing you never do is wash ducks. This is bad for their feathers.

    The day of judging

    Don’t water our feed your birds until after judging.
    You never want to bother the judge either. Someone will follow the judge and take notes do they rember. Most of the time your score will be attached to your cage. Make sure soon as judging is done to feed and water your birds.

    Showing for 4-h
    1. The shower should carrie the bird/s to the judging area and places the bird into the cage.
    2. The shower takes the bird out of the cage head first. The judge may ask the the participant to identify the parts and what he/she is looking for in each part of the bird.
    1. The shower puts the bird into the cage head first.
    2. The judge may ask the participants on the parts of the bird, the breed, its age, sex, origin, requirements, or its strong or weak points as an individual.
    3. participants will be quizzed by the judge on their basic knowledge of poultry. This can include questions on feeding, breeding, management, and poultry products such as eggs, incubation, and other poultry related knowledge.
    4. The judge will walk around the table of cages you should always be facing the judge and smiling.
    5. Participants should be neat, clean, and wear clothing appropriate to the occasion. Most showers have you wear a white lab or white button up shirt.
    Good luck to all people interested in showing.

    Feel free to ask any questions about showing. chicken2.jpg chicken.jpg chicken.jpg

    Thank you @Sleepytime for the pictures

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  1. Butterscotchbitesfinger
    "Really cool"
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    really awesome! I’m sorry mine don’t fit the criteria. I was considering showing but I wasn’t sure...
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      thank you
  3. Noellereagan
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 17, 2019
    I’m new to showing. I plan to start in spring this year. I have no idea what to expect and out of all the reading I’ve done online- this helped the most. Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this together!
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    1. ejtrout31
      Thank you any questions just ask I have been showing for open class and for 4-h for years.


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  1. Fishkeeper
    Needs more details. How does one wash the birds? What is the special show feed? Where can one learn about the standards for the birds? How does one train a bird to be calm with being handled and put in and out of a cage? How can one learn where in the area shows might be and what groups might be doing them?
    Other than that, looks pretty good. You may want to check for run-on sentences, though.
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    1. ejtrout31
      thank you i wanted to work on separate articles on some off the topics you listed.
  2. ejtrout31
    i just added some pictures thank you at @Sleepytime for letting me use those

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