I am quite excited as I've spent months trying to confirm the gender of this silkie I have. We hatched her and couldn't quite tell.

For the passed few days my elder flock haven't been laying eggs in their coop... I assumed it was because it's coming up to winter as once in a while we would get one a day and then we got nothing.

I wasn't worried as they are happy and seemingly healthy.

So today I went out with some treats in some weird skewer type things that I bought on Amazon...to keep them busy.

Put one on the big coop for the big girls and one on the baby coop and another on my silkies coop.

Figured while I'm at it I'll check the bed out as the silkie until recently only had one coop mate she's alone now and two days prior she got a full bedding change.

I not only find her first egg hiding in the straw but I find all these other eggs from my bigger girls... cheeky nuggets have been using her coop as a nesting box.
Excuse the mucky eggs... my chickens free roam through the day and the yard is a sludge pit

Second photo shows one of the coop nesting culprits my silkie and my two Serama hens.
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