A few nights ago I was working later than usual so asked my friend to lock my chickens up in their coops. I got home very late, to my astonishment one of my hybrids was locked out of her coop and I didn't find out until 3am. Luckily she was not harmed and she went to sleep between my baby seramas coop and my rooster Serama and his silkie friend.

I was alerted to the rooster kicking off a lot earlier than he usually does and went out and saw her, I hadn't been home long.

So I let them all out as he woke the girls, he pecked at my foot for the first time ever and practically screamed at me. It was the funniest thing ever. All I can think is he was having a go at me for leaving his princess out all night, like it was my fault!!

Well the next day went well, I locked them up and the following morning I let them out, he decidedly attacked my foot agaim, wasn't happy when I tapped his bum 🤣🤣

He's never been anything but friendly and loving towards anyone and everything. Is this just coincidence?

I've never heard of Seramas being nippy. My research has left me as lost as I was to start with.

I was going to upload some photos of him but I can't actually find any decent ones at the moment.

I would like to think he's trying to grab food as to be fair my foot is the same colour or close to as their feed that I do put on the floor and I go out without socks so...

Any advise appreciated:)