This is: My PAGE! Woot-woot!

I first got into to the whole chicken thing in the spring of 2010. I believe it was my grandpa who got me into it. He kept suggesting I get chickens and how cool and fun chickens are. Well, I do have chickens now. If I didn't, I wouldn't be on BYC. Anyways, I have 5 full grown Barred Rocks. 4 hens and a Roo. Right before Thanksgiving 2010 I tried to hatch some of my own. The 5 barred rocks i had came from a feed store... I wanted to do it to see what it was like. I borrowed an incubator and put about 12 eggs on. Everyday I ckecked temp and humidity. I also turned them 3 times a day. Only two hatched, though. Maybe humidity was too low. These ones I hatched were Ameracaunas. They came from my neighbor. Within a few days, one died. I do clean the poo from the rumps, but that day I forgot to check. The other one is heatly and BIG. 1 chicken that I hatched just was not enough. A few days before Christmas 2010 I had 10 out of 20 hatch. Again, maybe low humidity? These 10 are Barred Rocks that came from my chickens this time. 11 total that I hatched is enough for me for now. I am 15 and busy with school lol.
I have a 4x4 foot coop for the 5 old Barred Rocks. I am in the process of building a 4x8 for the other ones. Ill post pics along the way. Here are some of my chickens:



The Ameracauna a few days old