Small Bottle Horizontal Nipple Waterer for Wire Crates by aart

Handy Dandy for Wire Crates and other places.
By aart · May 23, 2017 · ·
  1. aart
    Being a big fan of the Horizontal Nipples, they are so versatile, I have tried them in many different bottles. Mostly in juice/milk type bottle that are HDPE, this softer material is easy to thread into, but can also fail due to it softness and start leaking after so much use.

    This is the best I've found so far, a 32oz corn syrup bottle made of PETE. With the much stiffer material it can be harder to install, but will hold up much longer. It also has a larger neck opening, so easier to refill.

    This waterer was made to use on the side of wire dog crates that I use to isolate birds for several reasons, so I wanted the nipple to stick out far enough to hang on the wire cross bars so I started with a smaller hole(22/64 or 11/32), one just big enough for the small end of the sharply tapered thread to get a start. A 1/32 or 1/64 drill bit index will be very handy in choosing the right sized bit. If hole is drilled cleanly, just a few rotations of the threads should seal it up without deforming the plastic too far. Thread it in far enough in to be snug then test for leaks, might need another rotation or two. If it goes so far that the bottle splits, then the hole was probably not 'clean' and you'll have to start over.

    Reusable zip ties hold the bottle to the crate. Now I just use mini bungies(8-10").
    These have worked great, much easier and safer than the wire I was using before.

    Oh, and, a small hole is drilled in bottle cap for vacuum release(or eventually the nipple will not release any water) vital for any nipple installed in a closed/capped container.

    small bottle waterer 5-23-17 2.jpg

    small bottle waterer 5-23-17 1.JPG

    small bottle waterer 5-23-17 3.jpg

    small bottle waterer 5-23-17 4.jpg

    Another handy holder for this type bottle:



    If you can't get two screws in to mount holder,
    a tiny bungie will keep ti from moving much.

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    What is the white plastic holder you’re using in the last photos?!?
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      Added link to holder.
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    Good job
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