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Snapperston my Barred Rock

  1. chickencrazy429
    It all began about three years ago when I received four chickens from someone who didn't want them. There were two that I especially liked... Two Barred Rocks. I named then Snapperston (dubbed to 'Snap') and Junior. The other two were Bisquick and Buttermilk- New Hampshires. Fast forward about two years later, and Junior died. I was so sad, but Snap was probably more sad. Junior and Snap stuck with each other through thick and thin. They were always there for each other, and they always played with each other. They were probably twins, despite Junior was a bantam... Anyways-- now to Snap. Snap is a great chicken, she has such a great personality and always friendly toward humans. (Not so much to newcomer chickens...) Snap will let you cuddle her, and she is quite photogenic.


    She has a GREAT comb as you can see in the above pictures... Her squawk is sweet, and quiet-- though sometimes it gets a little loud....
    She waits for me at my house doors, and pecks on them if I don't come out soon...

    Here are some pictures of Snappers.
    [​IMG] She loves digging in the trees that we have on our property



    [​IMG] Junior and Snap a week before Junior died.

    [​IMG] For awhile Snap had a very long beak...


    [​IMG] (left to right) Buttermilk, Snap, Bisquick



    Thanks for reading!!! :)


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  1. Fluffers
    in the 8th picture Snap looks like an eagle! cute pics :)
  2. chickencrazy429
  3. cluck cluck 123
    so sorry about Junior. But all your chickens are beautiful.
  4. chickencrazy429
  5. earlybird10842
    Wow, lovely!
    Nice job chickencrazy!
  6. SussexInSeattle
    Do you mind me asking what was Juinior's cause of death?
  7. chickenluver555
  8. The Mother Hen
    In that picture of Snap and Junior in the nesting boxes, you might notice Junior's comb is darker at the top. This means she is sick, and you can always tell if a chicken will die by a darkened/blackish looking comb. Still, I hope Snappers is doing great right now :D
  9. chickencrazy429
    Thank you chickenpooplady!!
  10. chickenpooplady
    Snap has a very cool looking comb! Congrats on Picture of the Week!

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