Solutions and Ideas
If you're like me and many "urban farmers" or not-so-urban, you have an aversion to paying good money for something that you can make yourself for little or no money. I don't think my ideas necessarily the best designs out there but they work for me. Hopefully my ideas will give you ideas of your own. Also, if you peruse YouTube a little you will find many more. In the spirit of the urban farmer - we raise chickens for our own eggs, grow gardens for our own veggies...let's build our own solutions to our problems.
Frozen Water
If you are like me and live in a part of the wrld where you get freezing temps you have likely dealt with a frozen waterer at one time or another. Also, if you're like me you have an aversion to buying something from the feed store fr way too much money that you could make yurself for free or very little money. Here is my solution to freezing waterers.
Gravity Feeder
I became tired of having to keep refilling my feeder. I saw a galvanized aluminum feeder at the feed store for $15 and realized I could make my own a lot cheaper. Here is my version.