Something vegans need to know about chickens.

By Top Rooster · Aug 1, 2017 · ·
  1. Top Rooster
    I had watched a few videos on vegans saying owning backyard chickens was "unethical" and so much of what they said was wrong so I am going to make this thread for you vegans to understand

    First, the topic of taking their eggs away from them they say that the eggs are just unborn chicks, while this is completely untrue most eggs are not fertile due to no roosters in most flocks. Then their are the few fertile eggs out of the majority they will not develop into any sort of chick unless they have been incubated for at least 24 hours, before those 24 hours there is no chick developing. Then you say taking their eggs disrupts their reproductive process by taking the egg from her forcing her to lay another the next day while this is untrue too, chickens will lay eggs every day no matter if you take the egg or not... they don't really care. Now yes sometimes leaving a clutch of eggs out will encourage them to go broody, but not really. Going broody for them is a hormonal thing and it depends on the time of year, the temperature and the breed. Most hens have broodiness bred out of them, therefore they will never want to hatch chicks and you are in no way disrupting there reproductive process.

    Now your saying eggs are bad for you now. Huh? That's where your wrong again. You say they have too much cholesterol, when their is no proven facts that eating eggs will give you cancer or heart attacks or whatever. Eggs are actually VERY nutritious they have all sorts of vitamins in them such as Vitamin A and Vitamin D, Vitamin 6, Vitamin B-12. They are a great source for protein too, they also have calcium.

    How chickens are raised, yes this is the one thing I agree with you on... the egg industry is horrible but not in all places many are free range pasture raised but there are those egg factories that have them as practically slaves In cages and crowding with other birds. I would stop if I could. But don't hate on backyard chickens they are raised respectfully like your family dog they are just as happy as any other family animal. Hatcheries yes they are cruel to roosters they will kill many but not all many just go straight to the straight run are of the chicks where they will be bought just like any other chick. Mailing chicks, you say hatcheries drug their chicks before they are shipped, that isn't true either chicks are born with about three days worth of nutrition in their bodies so they will not need to be fed or watered during those shipping days.

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  1. ChickenCowboy02
    So true!!! :clap
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  2. Cluckcluck1215

    THIS is why I don't tell people I own chickens.The only people I tell are TRUSTWORHTHY PEOPLE.

    Because others say all these lies and stupid stuff.
    Thanks for making this!
  3. chicken4prez
    Wow this article is so amazing! Even not-vegans say that what we do here on BYC is totally wrong and it isn't! This article sums up everything I want to say to them!
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  4. RAsChickens
    Vegans know nothing about chickens. Once a vegan on Facebook accused me of animal cruelty and threatened to call the ASPCA because I posted a picture of my egg breakfast. Um, honey, have you not seen the 50 other chicken pictures on my page? Can you not tell they are my precious babies? The ASPCA would just laugh!
    1. Top Rooster
      I agree 100%
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  5. RAsChickens
    Thanks for this article! Once I got attacked by a vegan on Facebook for posing a picture of my farm fresh egg breakfast. One of my friends shared it and they saw it and commented that I was "forcing the poor chickens to lay eggs" and "I kept them in a cage all day". Honey, that ain't the least bit true! I don't give them any supplements other than oyster shells and grit, and they free range all day and are only locked up at night! They are my babies and each one has a name and personality.
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    1. Top Rooster
      I get they want only good but they gotta do their research before they make accusations. How did this become an article I only made it a thread, I'm glad it's an article just don't know how it happened.

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