I might be interested, my laying flock has the following members:

Henny Penny (GLW 2years +/-)
Minnie (RIR) (1 year)
Surprise (BCM)
Black (JG)
Blue (blue Ameraucana/EE whatever)
Blue too (blue EE)
Pair (EE twin to Pare- partridge)
Pare (EE twin to Pair- Partridge)
Stripe (EE black partridge)
Copper (BYM/unknown, 2 years +/-)

My Setting/ornamental flock has the following members (these guys- well gals are too often too broody to lay (usually)
Hewie (Silkie * GLW- daughter of Henny-Penny)
Dewie (Silkie * GLW- daughter of Henny-Penny)
Louie (Silkie * GLW- daughter of Henny-Penny)
Ghost/Boo (Silkie * RIR- daughter of Minnie)
Cinnamon (Partridge Silkie)
Pepper (Black Silkie)
Silver (twin to dollar, Silkie)
Dollar (twin to Silver, Silkie)
((there are also four chicks that are under mommas still who are going to be my neighbors- they do not count, they are under Louie and Ghost, less then two months))

My Pullet (to layers) flock consist of:
Birdy (BCM-name subject to change with adult molt)
Biddy (BCM-name subject to change with adult molt)

I have two roos who also will not be laying.
Fiesta (wheaten (beardless) Ameraucana/EE whatever)
(currently unmamed cockerel BCM - looking like CoCo or Espresso or Cafe' )

I get 7-13 eggs a day, dependent on the setter flock's participation in egg production.

Each bird run space has 10.43 square feet, not accounting for Bantum vs LF.
Each bird covered space has 4.8 square feet, not accounting Bantum vs LF (some of this space is both covered run/coop-I get away with this in FL)

12*20 run (total)
12*8 covered run with fully sheltered roost. (they like it better there anyhow)
5*3 coop with 10 nest boxes and a single roost bar.

Ages range from Over two years to two months, not exactly sure on any of them- they will stay their whole life.