With eggs in the incubator, I need to get started on a brooder. On this page, I'll chart my progress as I build a brooder for my chicks. I've already started practicing the fine art of "Dumpster Diving" (finding building materials in dumpsters behind retail stores).
I hit the Mother Lode!

I passed this beautiful sight driving my mom to her doctor's appointment. After dropping her off, I zoomed back home to get my truck so that I could go load up my newly found brooder building materials. It'll be a few days before I can start building; I'm so excited!
I'll update soon...

Whew! The end of April and the month of May have been kind of crazy; my mom went in for overnight surgery at a hospital about 85 miles away and ended up staying two weeks! Her heart started acting up, so into intensive care she went. Everything is ok, and she's now back at home, but my DH had to take over incubation and hatching duties while I stayed at the hospital. Consequently, I had to give away my first two sets of hatchlings because I could not be home to take care of them (and my brooder construction was put on hold).
Since I was in a hurry to construct the brooder, I don't have any construction photos. Here's the finished product: