Hi, from SunnyChic!
Located in Central Florida (45 minutes from Disney World), my venture into chickens started when I happened across the BYC forum in 2009 (really!). Little did I know that just one year later, I would have over 50 chickens, 5 incubators, and 3 coops! One of the most enjoyable and informative forums I know, the friendships I've made here with fellow BYCers have enriched my life.

hmmm...I wonder if this nightcam thingy is really working?

Yep, it works! I think it's time to get an electric fence...

...well, this is INCONVENIENT!

The adventure of going from 0 to 50 chickens has been an experience to say the least! Not knowing exactly which breeds I wanted, I decided it would be easiest for me to start with hatching eggs (that way DH wouldn't realize dozens of chickens were entering our home via Priority Mail!). I started out by reading the forums to research which incubator would be the best for me. I decided on the Genesis 1588 and started ordering hatching eggs of various breeds from different BYCers. I also purchased hatching eggs at the first BYC Swap I attended. After receiving, incubating, and hatching over 100 eggs, I determined which chickens I would like to have and breed. I love, love, love standards, but I've had to go to bantams because I live in town. Presently, my bantams include Dutch (Black & Blue Light Brown), OEGB (Blue, Black, & Splash), and Pyncheon (Mille Fleur).

Some of my OEGB, Pyncheon, and Dutch pullets

My Pyncheon Cockerel
My Pyncheons don't have correct leg color (white instead of willow), but hopefully I will be able to acquire some with the correct leg color to breed soon.

Pyncheon Chicks

One of my OEGB Splash hens

My OEGB Splash Cockerel

Hey, what about me?! I can say at least say, "Chicken!"
Okay, this is Trixie, our Congo African Grey Parrot. She does say chicken and has finally perfected her rooster crow, too!
My First Broody Hen!
I started with standard size chickens, & this is Shirley, the Delaware Blue Hen with her first chicks