This is pictures of my hubby's idea of a chicken tractor on steroids.
We had been talking about making some chicken tractors for the birds. Well,... from me to him on explaining what is ususally a chicken tractor/coop the size of it got messed up in transit. Because we have end up with an A frame chicken tractor that has the measurements:
11'long x 8' high x 8' wide. It still has the door in back to get the eggs from outside the coop. But you have a walk into door on the other end. I will be posting the pictures as soon as I can. I have to borrow my friend's camera to take pictures because mine doesn't like to upload to byc for some reason. Anyway, The Supersized Chicken Tractor has a enclosed in for roosting, laying, and getting out of the weather. It is enclosed with wire like a traditional chicken tractor. Here are a few pictures of it at the begining of contruction.

These are just a few of the Supersized Chicken Tractor. Will post more soon. Thanks for looking if you would like more in detail info on this type of "tractor/coop" just pm me I will pass on the list of materials we used and what could of been used to be better.
*UPDATED* Here are a couple pictures of the coop part of the Tractor. These are of how it is enclosed to be more draft free.