Boys winter two piece (lined) sz 12mo.

Boys infant sz5

Two new knit winter hats, 1 light purple 1 light gray

Snowman mug, oven mitt & ornament (All New)

Red mug (New) & apple cider 4 pk pouches

South Beach Diet book (soft back)

Magnetic Barbie Book

Twizzlers Bath/Body Gift Set

Size 1 infant dawgs (croc style)

"Nintendog" Backpack

Brand new backpack 14" tall x 12" wide

Dr. Phil Book - Life Strageties

An assortment of feed sacks for making crafts/totes/purses *Have the green Flock Raiser only*

temp out of the cardinal bags

Have 2 of these dumor bags available

Things I would be looking for in a swap/side swap outside of the Swap Thread:

Bantam Silver Ameraucana eggs
Extermely DARK marans eggs
more to come soon