-About 5 "poly" feed bags for crafting and sewing: ( There are pink and blue Layena bags, FRM scratch and Wild Gamebird poly sacks)will be random from some of the following: swine feed,layer pellets and mash, wild bird seed, rabbit feed, catfish feed, wild gamebird food, grower, and possibly a few other types... I would put up more than 10 but shipping isnt gonna be cheap on these since they are so darn bulky lol. i know some of you are craftier with a sewing machine than I am so I never make anything nifty out of em. (can no longer ship more than 5 shipping is too high.)
A Neck Cooler (looks like a red bandana) and something extra
Two bars of homemade Soap :) You cant pick these, they will just be random. You can tell me if you prefer certain scents or exfoliating or non etc.


three flower hooky hangy things lol Brand New from Michaels, great for a little girls room or book bag holders

Ornament photo holders (they are yellow/gold and green) in packs of 4

(Pictures later)- Adorable Bird sitting on a pot statue, these are light and about a foot tall on one and a foot long on the other, they arent small for sure. BRAND NEW. Absolutely adorable. I have them hiding in my trunk so no pics yet. You will get one of these.

Brand New, L.E.I Western Style Shirt . Size XXL but if you have a large chest, fits more like a large.

and Super Mario Bros DVD
Choose three of the above^^



Choose one of the Above^^