The Best of Crash Duck

The very best pictures I have of Crash Duck, the Butterscotch Call Duck who thinks she's a tiny human.
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    Welcome to the new BYC! To celebrate (and also because I'm trying to figure out everything I can, including all this stuff about making articles), here are the very best pictures I have of my Butterscotch Call Duck who thinks she's a tiny human, Crashie! :D

    June 1, 2015: Crash was just 3 days old, the only duckling to hatch, and she was LONELY! Her constant crying was breaking my heart, and no number of plush toys was helping to ease her loneliness. That's when we purchased a small mirror so that Crashie would think she was not the only duckling in the brooder. It worked, at least for a while, and Crash was absolutely fascinated with the ducky in the mirror.

    Crashie mirror 6-1-15.jpg

    June 3, 2015: Crashie, in her freshly cleaned brooder, was not sure what she should dirty up first. This is a duckling in very deep thought.

    Crashie feetsies 6-3-15.jpg

    June 4, 2015:
    "I'm tryin' t'a eat here, do ya mind?!"

    Crashie nom 6-4-15.jpg

    June 4, 2015: Oh, my heart! Is there anything cuter than a duckling? :love "Peek-a-boo!"

    Crashie adorable 6-4-15.jpg

    June 7, 2015: Crash would like you to meet her friends, Easter Chick and Other Duckling. Say hi, Easter Chick and Other Duckling!

    Crashie and friends 6-7-15.jpg

    June 8, 2015: Crash and Easter Chick. Crash would like to know what you're doing there. Her little wings and curious tilt are just killer here. :love

    Crashie wings 6-8-15.jpg

    June 8, 2015: Crash has learned the joys of cuddling. That little smile... :love

    Crashie snuggie 6-8-15.jpg

    June 9, 2015: "Were you looking for cuteness?"

    Crashie cutie 6-9-15.jpg

    June 9, 2015: Bath time! :love

    Crashie bath time 6-9-15.jpg

    June 12, 2015: When you know you're the cutest thing on two legs, you're not afraid to flaunt it.

    Crashie cuteness 6-12-15.jpg

    June 26, 2015:
    Nearly a month old, Crash simply cannot believe she was ever able to fit into such a small object. I must be joking to even suggest it!

    Crashie egg 6-26-15.jpg

    June 26, 2015: Cuddle time! :love:love:love

    Crashie snuggle 6-26-15.jpg

    July 2, 2015: Crash and Easter Chick are to be taken extremely seriously. Can't you see that?

    Crashie buddy 7-2-15.jpg

    July 8, 2015: Crashie showing how chubby her cheeks have become. :love

    Crash cheeks 7-8-15.jpg

    July 13, 2015: That's about a hand full of Crash duck right there.

    Crash handfull 7-13-15.jpg

    November 21, 2015: Crash's first experience with snow! She's not quite sure why this water is white and fluffy, but water is water! She had a blast 'bathing' in it!

    Crash in snow.jpg

    January 7, 2016: Pure ducky bliss. :love

    Crash happy face.jpg

    May 29, 2016: Crash's first hatch day!! Crash was entirely unimpressed with her 'cake', but I did eventually convince her to try it...

    Crashie unimpressed.jpg

    ...only to find she didn't like it one bit! "Blech!" Oh, well, the chickens had fun with it!
    Crashie tongue.jpg

    December 15, 2016: The common state of Crash's beak--open and emitting sound!

    Crash QUACK.jpg

    More is very likely to come over time! :D

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  1. JaeG
    Oh my goodness - she is precious! She's a gorgeous colour.
  2. BantyChooks
    EEEE. I see my favourite crashie burb. I wanna hug her.
    1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
      Haha, I knew you'd like this one! :D Crashie says hi!
  3. Whittni
    Awww, a total cutie!
    1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
      Crashie says thanks! :D
      Whittni likes this.
  4. nickylou665
    Very cute! Thank you for sharing.
    1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures! :)
  5. Bills vs Beaks
    Very nice! She is a beautiful duck ;)
    1. pipdzipdnreadytogo

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