Hi - My name is Monique - user name "Ruth". I got my first chicks in April - four black sex links. Got five more chicks in May - Easter Eggers. Got 4 more in August - Buff Orps. Have been having so much fun ever since. Glad I discovered this site - it's been so helpful especially since I've had a problem child from the beginning - Ruth - my twisted neck, spins in circles, can't walk Easter Egger a/k/a Pet Chicken.
Here's the real Ruth - my Baby Ruth - at 10 weeks old. So tiny.

Here's an updated pic of Ruth (taken 12/5/07) who's now laying eggs:


Ruth, and her fellow residents of "The Chick Shell-A" live with us here at a home we call "Bethel". It's quite the zoo at times with 4 cats, two dogs and now 13 chickens. We live on 8 1/2 wooded acres, with a river, in Covington, LA across the lake from New Orleans i.e. Katrina Country. Everyone gets along just fine and our wonderful GSD, Rex guards us all.
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