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By Barred Rocker · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 20, 2013 · ·
  1. Barred Rocker
    The Brooder Pen

    After using plastic tubs last year I decided I wanted something a little easier to work with this year.

    items used:

    (some of the prices are approximate)
    4 - 8' 2 X 4s $9
    3 - 8' 2 X 2s $5.70
    3 - 6' 1 X 6 $15.00
    2 - 2' X 2' luan $5.00
    1 - 2' X 4'- 1/2" plywood $6.00
    2 - 8' 1 X 2 $ 4.50
    15' 1 X 1 cage wire $15.00
    4 small hinges and 2 slide locks $9

    I cut the 2 X 4s in half for the legs and the frame. Then cut 2 more 2 X 4s to frame out the bottom 2' X 4'. I used 2 X 2s to frame the upper part of the frame (I wound up having to replace one 2 X 2 with a 2 X 4 to get the wire to fit). I then made 2 swing doors on the front to fit, out of 2 X 2s and wire. Cut the 2' X 4' plywood to fit for the bottom. I then built 2 (approx) 2' X 2' removable trays to fit in the bottom for easy cleaning. I then wrapped the entire frame with 15' 1 X 1 cage wire ( and it took every bit of it) I painted my frame and doors before putting the wire on since we're keeping it in our living room. Attached a brooder lamp to the top of the wire and everything is ready.

    Added note: With 3 years using this brooder. It works wonderfully. Some things I've adapted and adjusted: I use red flood lamps for heat. The position of the lamp is too close for heat lamps. In cold months I'll hang a heat lamp just above the brooder itself for added heat since it stays in an outside shed now. The floor trays are the best part of this brooder. I now fill them with fine wood chips and dump them after the little poop machines move on to their next pen. If you're going to wrap it entirely in wire like I did make sure you keep it in a draft free environment. If I were to do anything different, I would use hardware cloth instead of the 1X1 cage wire. Small snakes and mice could possibly get through.


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  1. DavieRN
    Karlamaria the drawers slide out on either side I put little drawer pulls on mine
  2. karlamaria
    I'm confused, how do the drawers slide out ? I don't see where they do. This is a nice brooder, but I do want the drawers to slide out.
  3. Peloton
    I'm building this tomorrow since they are rapidly outgrowing the tote we started with. Wish me luck.
  4. DavieRN
    i used your plans and i LOVE my new brooder!! thanks!!
  5. Pennae
    nice idea i might use thanks :) <3
  6. chickwhispers
    Very nice!!!
  7. Donnah23
    tring to post my brooder?
  8. Donnah23
    love the removable trays. ours looks almost the same. great brooder.
  9. nicole camp
    I'm going to make this! Thanks so much for the idea, and design!
  10. countrydream7
    really nice would love to have one
  11. butternutsquash
  12. cooperslady
    very nice I like it
  13. lesgo54
    very nice, i just may copy this soon
  14. Barn Mama
    I like this set up, It would be easy to add a divider for transitioning the chicks!
  15. Fabulous Chicks
    What is the white thing laying across the top on the left side? Maybe a thermometer?
  16. suncatcher
    I like this design too! Looks easy to make and maintain.
  17. RangingChicks
    great disign I love it!
  18. WaterFowl209
    i really like this brooder setup
  19. BackyardBitten
    This looks like a really nice brooder! Might have to use this!
  20. Fakecountry
    I had this made and have already brooded two groups of chicks and my pea chicks!
  21. DESIREDchicken
    LOVE that brooder!!! so cute!
  22. farmgirljd09
    very nice!!! looks like a good nursery to me!! i use totes, but would be good for transferring the bigger babies to for the adjustment!!!
  23. GAKitten
    I may steal this design for my bunnies =)
  24. Leanco
    Very nice design will definitely make one for my chicks!Though I might make a plastic slide out tray so it can clean easier.
  25. brahmamomma
    i will def be stealing this idea :) thanks for posting!
  26. GuineaLady93
    I really like this brooder!
  27. Almost Broke
    Love the design! I modified it to have 1/2" x 1/2" wire in the bottom instead of plywood because I intend to have it outdoors under a shed roof. I do like the removable trays for the newly hatched chicks.
  28. rsleghornchicki
    I <3 this brooder! I am using this design

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