The chicken shed
We cheated and bought a 8x6 shed kit from Lowe's because we didn't have the time to build from scratch (we have baby chicks on the way from Cackle Hatchery.)

.Here my dad and I are nailing the studs together and putting 5/8 OSB board on for the floor

We started with the floor in our driveway so it would be level then we moved it to the backyard and put primer on it to prevent rotting.

Now we can set it on the ground and start putting up the walls. Behind the floor is my old run with the small chick-n-hutch coops in it.

And the construction begins...

and continues.

Three walls, looks like progress?

Now we are ready for the rafters.

Next goes the OSB board on top for the roof.

thats me and my dad puttin the boards on

finally the roof is on and the fence is up sorry i didnt get any pics of the fence going up I forgot oops.

here is my chicken door that slides up and down to lock them up at night.

here is the other end of the chicken yard and an old gravity feeder.

here is the inside with the roost poles on the right side and a brooder on the left side.

here are some of my girls I have 2 buff orpingtons 1 rir and 3 br and 1 arucauna.

and now my babys arrived from cackle hatchery 5 buffs 5 arucanuas and 5 rhode island reds here is an arucanua.

here are my 2 new additions a silkie rooster and a hen

just a few more finishing touches and we'll be done

my moms quilt square

More windows for air. It is hot

The girls.