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The Chicken Stick Auto-Watering device using Solway Horizontal Nipples

  1. ClovisMan
    The Auto Chicken Water Stick - The Parts List:
    Home Depot
    Qty 1 - 2ft Stick of 1 inch PVC Part Number 61194211256 $1.88
    Qty 1 - 1in PVC Cap Part Number 049081136826 $0.53
    Qty 1 - 1in x 3/4in Reducing Female Adapter Part Number 049081130589 $0.86
    Qty 1 - 3/4in MNPTxFHT PVC Swivel Part Number 046878533646 $1.86
    Qty 4 - Solway Horizontal Chicken Nipples from eBay $2.05 ea $8.40
    Each nipple will water 7-8 chickens so this stick is for 28-32 chickens.


    You will also need some teflon pipe tape and your favorite PVC glue. I use the new all-in-one spray stuff.
    This is the Female Hose Adapter.
    This is the 1 inch to 3/4 Female Reducing Adapter.
    The 1 inch cap end.
    The Solway Water Nipple.

    Now take a marker and mark your holes on the 1 inch pipe. I put them at 3-8-13-18. I also take advantage of the print to make sure they are straight. :)

    Next drill pilot holes over your marks. I use a small 1/8 drill bit for this.

    Next drill the holes out to 3/8.

    Clean the holes up with a rasp, file, or in my case a pocket knife. Also blow/clean out all the shavings from the PVC.

    Now you are ready to glue the cap on one end and the female threaded adapter on the other.

    Let the glue dry. The spray sets up pretty good in about 10 minutes. Put teflon tape on the thread of the hose adapter and thread into the female adapter.

    Thread the chicken nipples into the holes on the PVC. Make sure your thread all the way flush or they will leak.

    Here it is when its done.

    Now just connect it to your favorite watersource. Mine happens to be a rain barrel, but you can also connect it directly to your water hose if you add a low pressure valve to your hose bib.
    I use a 7 foot leader hose to connect to my rain barrel.

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  1. kirghizstan
    how did you get the nipples to stay in. i drilled the holes to 3/8 and they just won't stay in
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Awesome info!
  3. RustedOak
    Remember seeing this on the Texas thread but didn't need it at the time. Ha dto go on a scavenger hunt to find it again so I can use basic design for my portable chicken tractor! Of course, the reservoir will be much smaller! Thanks again for this tutorial!
  4. jbher
    Bookmarking this!! Thank you!!! Do you have any problems with your rain barrel water getting "mucky"?
  5. Brookliner
    Great hint using the printing on the pipe to get the holes straight. Thanks. I am making one for each of my coops this spring...after we thaw out.
  6. dpenning
    Your timing is perfect! This is exactly what I want to do right down to the rain barrel. I'm starting my build out this weekend. Thank you so much for posting.
  7. CrazyChookLady5
    awesome, i want to use a water drink system like this!!

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