The Chicks Are Here!!!

The chicks were born on 9/22/10 and arrived from Ideal Poultry in Cameron, Texas
to our local Post Office in Kona, Hawaii at 6:30AM on 9/23/10. I was shocked that
they made it so quickly! I ordered 25 chicks with the plan of keeping 6 or 8 of them.
We have 11 and they are all named. So I'm afraid that we will be keeping 11 at least
"until they get bigger and lay eggs, Mama" my daughter says. We will see.
Their names are:

One Day Old

On the way home from the post office.

The chicks just loved the GroGel.

Black Australorp chicks

Ameraucana chicks

Rhode Island Red chicks

Barred Rock chicks

These are the ones we kept. Two of each kind. Black Australorp, Rhode Island
Red, Ameraucana, Barred Rock, and Buff Orpington. We ended up with one
more chick, Henrietta, the cream colored Ameraucana, she's our number 11.
Remember we were only supposed to have 6-8 hens. Hmmm, something about
those cute fuzzy chicks is hard to resist!

One Week Old

Two Weeks Old

Myrie and Madelyn

Libby, the dog, sniffing out the competition

Three Weeks Old

Madelyn, the Black Australorp and Henrietta, the Ameraucana

The Buff Orpington's, Hannah and Harriet

Linda, the Ameraucana

Henrietta, the Ameraucana