The HolleyDay Hen House

I researched and read, sketched and re-sketched until I came up with what I wanted. My Hubby, Don, has and is doing a fabulous, wonderful job building it inspite of his limited skills as a carpenter and in extreme heat.
We decided to use the kids old swingset to use as the main frame. We then pretty much wrapped it in chicken wire and skirted it with 2"x4" garden fencing for extra measure from the dogs which seem more and more interested in their feathered friends. We (meaning mostly my hubby), took 2'x 4's and landscaping timbers and extended it on 1 side (we plan to also extend it as $ permits on the other side) framing it to the front of the actual hen house that we are building in the former slide area. The hen house will eventually have 4 Nesting boxes (double xtra large as the ladies will eventually be xtra large) resting on either side. The back of the hen house has what I have dubbed bat doors that literally opens up for easy cleaning. The top will be left open for ventilation but enclosed in hardware cloth for extra protection. We will have closeable vent holes near the bottom for extra air flow/ventilation. We will have 3 roosting bars of 2" x 2"'s that will be staggered inside. We will also be putting in an automatic watering system using the chicken nipples, which I really like because it keeps the water they're drinking clean. Okay, here are some pics.