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This coop is EVERY chickens dream!
This coop is great for every chicken lover!
This is what this coop features:
A large 16X4 run. This run is perfect so chickens can get a full on stretch! The run is made of strong wire. If a predator tried chewing it, his teeth would probably fall out! It has buried wire at the bottom so predators can’t dig under it. The flooring is basically sand, which is perfect for dust bathes! The Hen House is huge! It features: Two long, high up, roosting bars. They are long so they can fit up to 7 chickens! The floor has soft bedding, so if to fall off they would land unharmed! All of the hens go up there for bed time. They will get on a roost and fall fast asleep. The Hen House has four roomy nest boxes for laying eggs. The nest boxes are comfortable, so when a hen lays she is cozy and the egg never cracks!
The coop is great protection against the cold, and perfect shade in the summer! This giant coop fits up to 13 hens! It’s perfect for any chicken! It’s a luxurious coop, for the most luxurious chickens! Great coop for a bunch of different breeds and purposes!

Perfect coop for chickens!
This coop is great for chickens! Feel free to use some ideas! But please don’t copy it exactly!
Best coop EVER!
No matter what though, this is quite a great coop for chickens!

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