I will try to keep this page updated as we add members to our little flock.
Knowles, our rooster. He was one of our first purchases. A rather handsome fellow I think.
B was also one of our first purchases. We hope she will be the "incubator in residence". B is the head chicken in charge and B is short for something, but it isn't Beatrice.
Red is the final surviving member of our first purchase. Red had a near twin named Rose, but alas she was so stupid that she drowned in the middle of the yard during a rain storm.
Omelettea'. Our two black sex-links. I love the green sheen of their feathers in the sunlight.
Cici and Nona, our silver spangled hamburgs. As the newest members of the flock they are rather anti-social towards the others, prefering to hang out ny themselves at the opposite end of the yard from everyone else.