It is Backyard Chickens
"Red" and "Henrietta" Rhode Island Red
These are our first birds and are also very spoiled. The have been with us since early 2007 We don't get many eggs from either of them anymore. But we keep them, retired, as a reward for their years of loyal service.

Henrietta acting like a Roo Red keeping up her weight

"You don't have to name them all"
These are our Sikies and Turkens, Eventually they will be out Showgirls too. We have a Blue Silky Roo, A black Truken Roo, A Blue Silky hen, and five Turken Hens

Sillkies Turkens

"Pot Luck Grab Bag"
These are our Random birds including Old English Game Hen, Sikies, RIR, Black Australorp, Easter Egger, Barred mix, and a Genuine Uber Mutt

Old English Game Hen AKA Momma Black Australorp and RIR up front

Barred mix and Easter Egger Easter Egger, Barred mix, and Uber Mutt

Uber Mutt with Black Australorp Black Australorp with Barred mix
Not actually a chicken, but she doesn't know that

Thanksgiving posing Thanksgiving trying to escape before November​