Our First Incubation.
So DW and I have decided to chronicle our first incubation for all of you to view if you'd like to. We have a Hovabator 1602N incubator with a turner and a digital humidity and temperature monitor placed inside. The table the incubator is on is also wide enough to hold our brooder box - converted storage box with hanging heat lamp which we used for our 5 Barred Rocks when we got them as chicks last July!
We have chosen Silkies to incubate, and many thanks to Sandy who has kindly supplied us with 9 black and 3 blue splash eggs from her flock. She currently has a batch of eggs incubating, all have growth inside so weare hoping that we are going to be as successful as she is.
A good day to start. The eggs were placed in the incubator at 11am with a temp of 100 degrees and humidity now in mid 40% range This will give us a projected lockdown date of 1/19 and a pip/hatch date of 1/22 - 1/24, all barring no problems. Pictures will be posted as/when something happens.

The incubation table. Brooding box will be placed next to it to transfer over the new borns!
All so far is well. Temp for the Silkies is 100 deg with humidity a constant 45%. I feel like a parent expecting a first born!
Now on day 6, have added some water to keep humidity at 45% and the temp is a constant 100 degrees. So, 11 days to lockdown and 14 days to hatch date I hope!
Lockdown!! Of 12 eggs, 3 were clear so binned, leaving 9.
Hatch day!! So today we had our first hatch at 5pm, followed closely by the next 2 in a dead heat at 9.50pm, here are the pics!

# 1 Chick Hatch! #2 and 3 Chick hatch!!

5 Chicks dry and in the brooder box........... They are so tiny!!!

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