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The origin of chickens

    Chickens have been around for centurys. All the different breeds of chicken we see today primarily come from the Red Jungle fowl (Chickens are a subspecies of Jungle fowl). Red Jungle fowl are still alive and can be seen today.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Red Jungle fowl hen Red Jungle fowl cock

    Some say the first domesticated chickens come from Peru and they were used for eggs and meat. But many believe they were first bred in India for cockfighting. In 3000 BC Eastern Europe was introduced to chickens, it wasn't till later the Western Europe got there chickens. People kept breeding chickens and the eventually found there way to the entire known world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East. One of the oldest "Real breeds" of chicken is Dorkings. They are said to originate from Italy during the Roman empire, and it is incredible they are still alive today!

    A Dorking

    Chickens where used for cockfighting, eggs, and meat for some time. But recently people have tried to stop cockfighting, and now the most common uses for chickens are, eggs, meat, and pets.
    There is not much data from the Eastern countrys from which Chickens first came from, so we can't clearly setup a map of where and when chickens spread over the years.

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    There isn't much info on these topic!! :/
  2. Marty1876
    Keep adding and research, it'll be a very cool article.
  3. Going Bhonkers
    Great so far! I'm sure you'll keep adding to it :)
  4. chickenpooplady
  6. roostersandhens
    You did pick a hard topic i have a short one too. I like the facts though very nice!
    Sorry that its so short. Its really hard to find info on this topic!! :(

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