The Orpington Chicken Breed.

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  1. alexa009
    Orpington History:
    The Orpington is a breed of chicken named after the town of Orpington, Kent, in south-east England, which was made famous in part by this breed. It was bred to be an excellent layer with good meat quality.... Hens often become broody and are good mothers. They come in both large fowl and bantam size. The standard weight of this breed is 6 lbs. This Breed is smaller than it looks in weight because of the heavy soft feathering. The recognized varieties of this breed is, yellow, white, black, chocolate, blue, lavender, jubilee, red and more.
    They are one of the most popular Breeds out of all chicken breeds.
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    Buff Orpington Purpose:
    Since there are better egg-laying chicken breeds now better than the Buff Orpington, this breed isn't known for such excellent egg-production. Although they have good egg-production laying up to 3 times a week once they hit about a year with egg-size being large and egg color brown. They usually start laying at about 6 months of age.They are known for dual purpose both eggs and meat.
    Buff Orpington Egg:
    Buff Orpington Personality.
    Buff Orpingtons have a good disposition and are a docile breed to have around. They are especially happy and playful when it comes to food. It is a funny word for a chicken because they jump on your lap when being fed. They are extremely broody and are usually anytime likely to sit on eggs. If you want a pet chicken, choose this breed.
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    You gotta love the Orpington breed!!:love

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  1. sassysarah
    My buff orpington is so sweet!!!!
  2. alexa009
    My buff is very friendly!:love She is a pretty good layer too!;)
  3. alexa009
    I agree!!
  4. MrsAuberry00
    I love my Orpington, Anna. She's so very sweet and follows me around the yard. She lays about 5 times a week, but just recently came out of a broody cycle so she's not laying. Wonderful girl, wonderful breed.
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