The Process of Raising Waterfowl: Selection, Incubation, Brooding, and Sexing

The first step of raising ducks and/or geese is to decide what you are raising them for. Certain breeds of ducks and geese are bred for certain...
By Blackberry18 · Apr 29, 2015 · Updated Apr 30, 2015 ·
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    Good read with interesting points.
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    This article is a good starting point for an overview of raising waterfowl.
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    Nice article!

    It is very general and hopefully at least three more articles can follow this one.

    For the incubation part, check into the information about opening the incubator and misting the eggs with water. This actually removes moisture from the egg as the water evaporates off of the shell. Water does not go into the egg when you spray them. The cooling that happens also helps the embryo develop.

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