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    Are you still looking for that egg producing red hen? Go no farther! Being amongst the best brown egg layers in the world, the Rhode Island Red boasts of its rank in the dual-purpose breeds list. Obviously enough, originating in the village of Adamsville, Rhode Island, by the Rhode Island Red Club of America, this red beauty was developed out of specific strains of black-breasted Malays. This fine work of breeding art became a standard in 1925 and is the base of the many egg laying high-birds. The breed is highly prized for its grand production of eggs. The air of the Rhode Island is a fierce (Cocks) aggressive bird that doesn’t like to be touched or held, which is why they are primarily egg birds. The appearance of the Rhode Island is a proud stately standing chickens, with a large front facing breast and yellow skin and legs. The face of the usual Rhode Island is red with red ear lobes, pointed with a bright yellow beak and loyal red-orange-colored eyes, and is crowned with a splendid comb (Cocks) which climbs to the back of the head. Almost like the New Hampshire, these flashy splendors are feathered with a deep red plumage which ranges from black to almost brown. As said before, being amongst the predecessors of the new egg high birds, they lay 7 eggs a week, a total of 320 eggs a year. Not being very popular for meat birds, the Rhode Island cocks weigh around 8 pounds at butcher size, and the hens weigh 6 pounds. Not being very cold hardy, the hens are unable to lay steadily through winter, which is why they are usually grown in hen houses instead of out in the cold.
    I also have a flock of Rhode Island Red and the breed is not my favourite, but are supposed to lay many eggs. The roosters are aggressive to people and don’t like to be held by anyone. They even trace people from the coop! The overall is a good egg layer, but not a pet!

    Summary of the Rhode Island Red

    Conservation status:
    Popular Names: RIR, Rhode Islands
    Country of Origin: United States of America
    Use: Dual-Purpose Layer Breed
    Personality: Aggressive to humans and pets
    Hardiness: Cold
    Weight: Male: 8 Pounds, Female: 6 Pounds
    Skin Color: Yellow
    Feet Color: Yellow
    Egg Color: Brown to Pink
    Comb Type: Single
    Plumage Pattern: Flat
    Plumage: (Cocks) Deep Red (Hen) Brownish-Red
    Broodiness: Not often

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