My first flock was started April 2010 and it consisted of a Rhode Island Red, Golden Comet, Easter Egger and Mallard Duckling.

The First year was filled with ups and downs and LOTS of learning experiences!!

We had some growing pains, especially since they grew faster than the coop was being built! They took over my spare bedroom and it has never been the same since.

But they are good girls and before long they had grown into BEAUTIFUL hens and moved out onto their own.


Then tragedy struck and we lost 2 of our beloved darlings! The Duck was injured but she pulled through and we found ourselves needing to get new hens before we were ready. I didn't want Red to be alone, she needed more hens! And Ducky has always needed a buddy in my opinion.

So off we went to Southern States where we collected 2 new Golden Comets

And a new Khaki Campbell duckling!


They grew up and moved out with some difficulty. Integrating flocks is devastatingly hard work so I am pretty sure we are closing up now and not taking anymore!

They are quite the pretty hens though and although they don't replace our lost babies, they are still entertaining!

Then we had a phone call from a neighbor whose entire flock save one was decimated. I was torn but eventually gave in and brought home "Hobo", after a 30 day quarantine she was good to go and seemed to integrate easier although I wonder if she really is part of the group as she tends to be a loner.Tragedy struck yet again as Icame home and found my beloved male Khaki Campbell Duck dead in the duck pool!!!!!!

So a few weeks ago, a friend had a baby pekin duckling that needed a home and of course I said YES! I am a sucker for punishment after all. Here she is the newest darling! PEEPERS!