The Ultimate Guide to Animal Attacks

By Mduggar · Apr 12, 2018 · ·
  1. Mduggar
    Disclaimer: this is just what I do. If you disagree, feel free to tell what you do

    So, your chicken has been attacked by a dog/coyote/wolf/rooster/etc.

    First of all, get the animal away from your chicken. This can be acomplished by yelling at the animal, whacking it with a stick, scaring it, etc. There are many ways to do this. If you see your dog caring around a chicken, don't abandon all hope, especially if your dog is a bird dog. The chicken could be playing dead. I've had my dog (English Cocker Spaniel aka a bird dog) get chickens and have the chickens still flapping around. I've even had a chick be grabbed by a dog, look VERY dead and be put in the wood, but be squeaking around outside my pen in the morning.

    Next, determine the extent of the injuries. Lift up her feathers and look for bite marks, feather damage, wing breakage, and fractures to the leg. Here is where this post deviates. Scroll to the section(s) that have what you need.

    For flesh wounds such as bite marks, mites, and roosters, start by assembling your supplies
    You will need
    Cotten balls
    Some kind of medical grade tape
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Antiseptic cream
    Start by covering you cotten balls in hydrogen peroxide. Wipe down the area with the cotten balls. Take your q-tip and slather it with antiseptic cream, being sure to get all areas of the wound. Cover the area in gauze and secure it using the tape. Repeat daily until healed.

    You will need
    Flesh wound instructions
    STERILE needle and thread
    Follow the instruction for flesh wounds, but don't cover the wound. (If the injury is over 4 hours old, cover it and watch the hen closely)
    Take your needle and thread and sew the wound together, making sure the edges are touching each other. Cover librely in hydrogen peroxide and antiseptic cream, and cover the wound with gauze, securing with tape.

    Some sort of wrap
    Take the injured wing and secure it in a natrual position against the hens body using your wrap.

    Some type of wrap
    Popstickle stick
    (Optional) Vet
    If your chickens leg is broken and the bone is protrudimg, take her to the vet. Her bone will become infected and she will die. If not, place pop sickle sticks around the offending leg. Wrap these with tape, and wrap the tape with some type of secure wrap. Leave this on her until it heals, about 4-8 weeks.


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  1. blackandtan
    Birds are so tough! I’ve fixed several broken legs, including a hen who got caught on a metal perch (not really a perch though), I guess she slipped off and had a badly crushed ankle after hanging from her foot for a few hours - the foot was swollen and purple. But after crying I decided to splint it and try and what do you know, in a couple weeks she was good as new.

    The only thing I’d disagree with is stitching, their environment is so dirty, no matter how clean the coop, and anything left in the wound will cause infection. The worst wound I’ve seen was when my 70lb Tom tried to mount his lady..from the front...causing a gash as big as an apple and an inch deep gouge in her muscle. I knew there was no way to bandage it so I got out the old farmers standby, Blu-Kote and sprayed it on. 8 weeks later it’s totally closed and growing feathers, never got infected at all.

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