The Wyber Coop

By justcelia · Apr 2, 2018 · ·
  1. justcelia
    This is our coop in progress. It's an 8X12 wood shed with a wire partition so part is for storage. We attached a covered 8X12 run we bought at Tractor Supply. (Love that store!). We connected it to the shed/coop with a wire 'breezeway' that hubby riffed with metal flashing. The coop portion is 8X3.5 but I think we will need to make it bigger. We cut triangles out at the peak on both ends of the shed for ventilation, covered with wire mesh. IMG_6698.JPG IMG_7080.JPG IMG_7087.JPG

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  1. N F C
    Looking forward to seeing how you finish up!
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    1. KikisGirls
      Me too!
      Looks great so far!
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