Tweek and Celia's chicken Adventure!
We had a very beautiful chicken that we rescued. Hungry, weak, homeless.
Brought it home, fed it good, fell in love (including our Yorkie Mix). It was a young cockerel but No spurs, low comb and no crowing. ( I really thought he was a hen!) Then he was "learning" to crow. He is an EE.
Roosters are NOT allowed in Troy. We found him a good home up north. He gets to co-exist with Emu's! We now have two beautiful Brahma pullets (Thanks Olive Hill!). We named them Edith and Maggie
We are in the process of building a Chicken Tractor. This thing is turning out to be HUGE! LOL!Painting it with "oopsie" paint from Lowe's and Home Depot. Bright green and a bit less bright pink.
This is our first time raising chickens. (except when I was little, down in Texas)
This is Edith and Maggie (Edith on the left):


Tweek building our new Chicken Tractor (Hope it's moveable!):

End of day one:

End of day 3 (The girls are in!) Lots more to do tho!

End of Day 4, Livable and I have doors to get in! Tweek is putting the wheels on now. We had to put in a drop ceiling. Plastic roofs condensate in the enclosed area (according to folks much more knowledgable than me).

The girls don't pay any attention to us hammering away. Missy keeps trying to herd them back into the coop! LOL!
Finished! (at least till we add the second story! Hehehe)


The handles are the legs of an old folding chair and the grips are probably off one of our motorcycles.
The vent areas are 2 foot by 7 inches in the front and at the end is a 4 foot lon section that tapers down from 7 inches. Also the pop door is always open into the "run"area.
I will keep an eye out for condensation! he ceiling of th "coop" area is several layers of bubble wrap and two 1 foot plywood and pink insulation running the length of the ceiling.