August 22, 2010 I did buy my 2 Buff Orpington's today. They are as sweet as they are beautiful. My Barred Rocks are nowhere near as easily handled as these girls. I have christened them...Lucy & Ethel. Lucy is about 6 months old, while Ethel is about a year old. I hope they settle in easily & quickly; Ethel needs to start spittin' out them eggs!
August 21, 2010I currently have 2 Barred Rock pullets (Thelma & Louise) that are about 20 wks old at this time. Waiting for them to start laying.I will be getting a Buff Orpington layer, maybe 2, tomorrow. Thinking about getting Easter Eggers in the future. Any and all suggestions are welcomed--and I even take criticism well! I love my little mini farm; thank you, Lord, life is good.
Gotta love CHICKEN MATH! Ten days ago I only had 2 of today, I have 8--and Louise seems to be a roo! Still have 2 Barred Rocks, plus 5 Buff Orpingtons & 1 Red Star. I'm starting to get eggs & am soooo happy about that. I hope to be filling up those egg cartons with my own farm fresh eggs on a regular basis. I got some personalized egg labels from Organiceggs (on BYC); they are awesome! August 31, 2010Been busy with the chickens & my critters, but really wish I could do it fulltime instead of parttime. Also need more property so I can have a proper farm. Ten acres is all I want for my chickens, goats & zebu (in the future). Plant a garden & grow my own veggies. Yep, that's what makes me happy.
Well, it's been a busy few months...I'm up to 16 chickens and wanting more, of course, but I have also had 2 of my goats have 1 kidd each in less than 2 months. Both are adorably cute little girls, which brings the goat total to 8. I also finally got my zebu bull (Lil Swiss Frank), but only 1 of them so far...yeah, I think I'm gonna need more land! Life is good and I'm looking forward to the new year and all that it will bring.December 31, 2010
January 17, 2012 Time really does fly when you're having fun! Since I've started this log, lots of things have happened in my farm-life. I've gotten some Ameracauna's & some Easter Eggers, as well as Black Langshan & Blue Rocks. I am getting blue, blue-green & brown eggs. Sold some eggs, but eaten a lot of them as well.
Had more goats, sold some, started my own line of pygerians & found out how much I really do love goat milk--so much so that I bought a baby dairy goat last year. Cant wait for her to reach breeding age! Still havent made soap yet, but only because I havent been able to keep any goat's milk for it...
I've bought another zebu (Lil Pearlie Mae) & will be able to breed for babies starting next year! Lil Swiss Frank is about 1 1/2 yrs old & Pearlie Mae just hit 1 last month on Pear Harbor Day.
I have also bought a zebu x charolais for meat & appropriately named him Dinner.
I will be learning how to sew (teaching myself) in the next couple of weeks. Starting off with simple and easy patterns, I think I will be able to manage a few things I can make for the grandkids and myself; maybe some presents here and there.
I've also been growing some of my own veggies & hope to have a bigger garden this spring. I've been recycling, making my own laundry detergent & fabric softner in an effort to do things in a more 'green' manner. I'm couponing, buying local & in general just trying to help the small business person's economy. I'm trying very hard to boycott Walmart & while it's difficult, I have drastically cut down the amount of money I spend there.
I seriously think I should've been born in the 18th century--except for the computer, I think I can do without so much technology. I think I was suited for a simpler time when there were no malls and farms were 'in.'
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APRIL 15, 2012 Even in the last couple of months, a lot has happened on the farm! Ok, actually the most that happened in the last couple of months was the waiting for the goats to kidd. All 3 of them kidded during the first 2 wks of this month.
Frostie went first on the 2nd, but unfortunately her little buck passed away 2 days later. Frostie is being milked.
Baby Girl was next, on the 9th, with twin girls (Gracie Mae & Cupcake). They are so adorable.
Itty Bitty rounded out the pregnancy parade on the 11th & gave birth to Alvin.
The 3 remaining kidds are looking healthy & happy, starting to jump, play & explore.
Heather (Silly Stunts) also did me a HUGE favor & incubated some of my eggs for me. Most of them were EEs, but I got some BOs in there as well. Unfortunately, I think all the BOs are roosters...but that's ok, they should make for some great eatin!
Planted some onions, peppers, oregano, parsnips & broccoli in containers. Got a late start & still have more to plant, but hoping to get enough to be less dependant on the grocery store this year!