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By Farmer Connie · Jun 6, 2017 · Updated Jun 14, 2017 · ·
  1. Farmer Connie
    Our chicken run is only 150 x 200 which is attached to the big house. we have planted trees which of course are slow growing. Like watching the pot waiting for water to boil. When the trees mature, Japanese plumbs (loquat) will ripen and fall to the ground and the birds will have a field day.
    So we are planning to expand the run in one direction thru a super shaded area into the Hickory trees to give them some more shelter from the sun.

    The big house is a 15 x30 double decker hutch housing over 60 various breeds of our egg producers of human consumption.

    Almost completed the smaller runs for our 2 Breeding houses.
    Currently the have moulted Java's in one and Wyandot red blue splash in the other.

    Multi tasking means everything get done but a much longer finish date.
    Lots of work but a lot of fun and it keeps us young.

    (I first posted this in the wrong box and I apologize for the delayed correction.)

    Since this post my husband constructed a couple chicken tractors. We are looking for wheels at the present time and will add a pic or 2 when they are in use. We have a ton of young birds to shuffle around the yard.. Beats keeping them locked up in not so healthy conditions saving us time on maintaining them. Most of them are for rehoming. Some of them (the cream of the crop) will be our newest egg layers / breeders.
    Life is good if you make the most of it.

    Thanks to all for your patients! Thanks for reading and sharing..

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  1. TwoCrows
    Do you have any pictures? :)
  2. Farmer Connie
    I first posted this in the wrong box and I apologize for the delayed correction
  3. Whittni
    The last sentence wasn't finished FYI
    1. Farmer Connie
      The whole paragraph is missing! Hmmmmmm? I will correct it shortly. Storm coming gotta go outside for a bit. Thank you for letting me know.

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