Tips for Purchasing Birds from a Breeder

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    There is no doubt that purchasing birds form a good breeder is far better than getting chicks
    from a large commercial hatchery, but though there are a lot of very good breeders with very
    high quality birds, there are some that ether are not knowledgeable about the birds they raise,
    or just plain deceptive about the birds they are selling. Using a little common sense and taking a
    few precautions can insure you have a good experience buying birds from a breeder. Here
    are a few helpful tips:

    • Become familiar with the breeds you plan on getting
    The best way to avoid getting ripped off by a less than knowledgeable or deceptive breeder is
    to become familiar with the breeds or species you plan on getting. If you plan on buying show
    birds, read the Standard of perfection first, so you will be able to judge to quality of the birds.
    A common mistake many people often make is buying easter eggers that were sold to them
    as ameraucanas or araucanas. You can avoid these kind of mistakes by doing a little research
    in advance before purchasing.

    • Ask them about their goals as a breeder
    People breed birds for many different reasons, such as exhibition, egg production, etc. A good
    breeder should be able to tell you what they are breeding for. You may learn a few tips it the
    process. Also how did you like the breeder? Were they polite, helpful, and open, or rude
    and short spoken?

    • Take a good look at the birds before purchasing
    If possible take a look over the birds you plan on purchasing. Hold them and look them over.
    What is their size and temperament like? How do they look overall? If you are buying birds or
    hatching eggs over the Internet ask for pictures of the birds. If you plan on getting birds for
    production, find out what their egg production is like. If you plan on showing your future flock,
    than ask the breeder if they have ever showed their birds and if so how they did. If they refuse
    to let you see the birds, that avoid buying from them.

    • Check out the birds living conditions
    Take a good look at the birds coop and run. Are they clean and tidy, and do the birds have
    plenty of feed, fresh water, and space? Or are the birds poorly housed, confined in a muddy
    coop, or overly crowded in a small cage? If the breeder does not care about their birds living
    conditions, they most likely aren't concerned about the birds quality either.

    • Check with others who have bought birds from the breeder in question
    Ask the breeder for the contact information of others who have purchased birds from them in
    the past. Take the time to call these people and ask about their experiences with the birds they
    purchased. How did the birds do, and how did they like them? And most importantly, would they
    buy from that breeder again? When buying birds off the web, check the buyers feedback. It is
    best to avoid sellers with less than 90% positive feedback.

    • Make up a list of questions to ask the breeder
    Find out how long the breeder has been involved with the birds they raise and breed.
    Ask where they originally got their birds. How are the birds housed? The breeder should impress
    you as a knowledgeable person with solid experience who cares about the birds they raise. If
    you are buying off the farm, the breeder should also show interest in you, asking questions to
    determine if you are a suitable owner for the birds they plan on selling to you. If the breeder lacks
    knowledge or shows little interest in you as a potential owner, it is best to look elsewhere.

    • Check with the breeder later on
    If you were happy with the breeder, and you decided to buy birds from them, it is a good idea to
    contact the breeder later on and let them know how you like the birds and how they are doing for
    you. A good breeder will want feedback on them.

    I hope this article will help you to have a good experience buying birds from a breeder in the
    future! If you have anymore questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below.
    Thanks for reading!

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