Tips For Raising Friendly Chickens

By austrolover1 · Mar 2, 2016 · Updated Jul 21, 2016 · ·
  1. austrolover1
    This article is all about how to raise friendly chickens. Here are four tips for you:

    1. GA very simple thing to do if you have a small number of chicks; but if you have over 50 chicks it may take a long time to hold them all. If you have a large number of chicks, simply hold your hands into the box or pen they are kept in so they can get used to your presence. Feed them treats from your hands too. et them used to your presence!

    2. This may sound obvious, but the more you hold them the more they will be friendly! Also, if you have a few VERY skittish chicks put them under your shirt or put a rag over them close to you; that way they will feel that a mother's wing is over them and they will calm as they feel your breathing. Some of you might laugh at hearing this but it really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hold them!

    3. Certain breeds are more naturally friendly than others; some of the most friendly breeds are Plymouth Rocks, Austrolorps, Silkies, Orpingtons, and Easter Eggers. Flighty breeds, such as many types of bantams, Leghorns, Andalusians, and many others, may be harder to tame. There are exceptions.Buy specific breeds.

    4. Many people might order hens because they want eggs right away. If you buy hens from a breeder, they will probably not be as friendly as chicks you have raised yourself. When you think about buying fully grown hens for your flock, think about a few things: Can I wait just 5 months for chicks to grow up or do I really want to have eggs right away? Do I want to pay for all that shipping? Do I want friendly chickens or skittish ones? Can I resist not buying those fluffy, adorable, sweet, gorgeous, cute chicks?Hens?

    I hope this article helps a lot of people and if you have any questions of will happily answer if I can!!!

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  1. austrolover1
    I just read over it again and noticed in 1. that treats is in there. I can't even remember what I wrote lol!!!
  2. dheltzel
    Don't forget treats! The way to any chicken's heart is through it's stomach!
    I rarely have time to hold chicks and the grow up wild, but once they realize that I am the "bringer of tasty things" they warm up considerably and eat out of my hand in no time.

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