My husband bought 25 New Hampshires last spring. When I went to pick up feed the following week there were 8 extra peeps for sale. They consisted of 1 Araucanas, 1 Barred Plymouth Rock, 2 Light Brahmas, 4 Silver Laced Wyandottes. All were to be female. We were so excited to learn 3 months later, that one of the Light Brahmas was a Rooster. "Gene" is a very friendly rooster. (So far) We were told we would probably loose a few peeps/chickens, but lost none! Great layers.
This past fall we incubated eggs. We now have 6 beautiful cross bred chickens to add to our flock. They all look like the rooster. But 3 have feathered legs and 3 do not. The pep that came out of the green egg is from the Araucanas hen. The Light Brahma/Araucanas cross is marked just like the Light Brahma (rooster) (white with black) but developing the odd feathers around the head/neck like the Araucanas. Fethered legs also.
We are struggling with adding these 6 youngsters into the flock. We have tried twice and pulled them out. (lets just say we did have 7 we were adding to the flock and it disapeared without a trace!)