Howdy Ya'll!
Greetings from Vandalia, OH! We are the proud owners of 6 Araucana pullets and 6 RIR pullets and 1 RIR Roo. They are all named and have become a surprisingly tranquil part of our family! We decided a year or so ago that we'd like to have chickens for laying. Our neighbor was always bringing us his fresh eggs and we got really used to it. We chose the RIR for their hardiness and the Araucana for the uniqueness of their eggs. We are hoping to start receiving eggs next spring. At present they are all 6 weeks old. They have grown very much since getting thrm from the hatchery (Mt. Healthy) when they were only 2 days old. We are pleased to be apart of this community and have learned so much from the BYC! Thanks to all of you for your wonderful posts and welcoming new comers to the chicken community!

UPDATE: Wow, time flies! We did end up have 5 Araucana hens and 1 Roo, he was a surprise when he started crowing! I guess the hatchery messed up! All of chickens grew up to be strong and healthy egg layers. The RIR roo, unfortunately met his demise when he flogged 1 persn too many. Our children were afraid to play outside because he would attack them. We lost a few Araucana hens to various things. I ended up with 6 Silver Campines and a Silver Campine Roo. Last year, I lost 10 from my flock to some wayward dogs who escaped their enclosure. It was a very devistating sight! I also purchased 3 baby Silkies last summer. One white, one black and one partridge. The white one is a roo and the others are hens. So, I now have 6 chickens, 1 Araucana from my original flock, 2 Silver Campines (very unfriendly birds who are loud!!) and the silkies. I', hoping to increase my flock again soon with more RIR's, Buff Brahma's, Americana's & silver Laced Wyandott's.