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  1. Maria's Chickens
    Hello...I am new here to this loving community, and I have already written about the six girls we got earlier this week. Well, we now have two more girls that we added to them. They are really 'family-sisters' in that that they all shared the same bin at the local TS store. My Daughter and I went there the other day to buy a lock for the newly built chicken coop and there were only two RIR pullets left, so she bought them for me. At first, they seemed afraid of the others after she put them inside their new home, even though they had been with the others only a few days before and I think they were a little ostracized and they ended up huddled together in a corner, just the two 'newbies' but that soon ended and they are part of the fold now. Even though we have had the 8 'sisters' less than a week, so far it has been a very happy experience for us and hopefully for them as well. They are only about two to three weeks old. We have turned the little biddie coop location into a park in our back yard, with a few chairs set out in front of it, to sit in to enjoy watching the little chicks and listening to their happy chirping as we talk to them. They seem to be getting bigger every day. Fun to go out there in the early mornings with a mug of hot coffee to drink and talk to them and take care of their needs with fresh food and water and some cleaning done, and then sit in a chair, drinking our coffees and watch them eating and coming up to the wire, checking us out, too, ha!

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  1. MROO
    "A new owner's intro to Chicken Math!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Aug 26, 2018
    Nice little article on a new chicken mom's first flock - and a good example of how Chicken Math sets in early!


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