Here is the beautiful coop/run that my wonderful boyfriend built for us. He built it from the ground up. He takes all the credit for this amazing coop. The chickens and I just love it so much.




The front of the run is now complete...well...we still need to put a return spring on the door so that it will close automatically...but otherwise it's pretty much done. To the run's right (where the plant is now) is where we will put the addition - it will be a run that will be attached to this run and extend 6 feet out.

This side of the coop if pretty much done. Here is where the additional run will be. I have to clean up, fill in, and then level the ground to prepare for the addition. We won't be working on the addition for a few weeks out - still have to finish this coop up and make the waterer.






Here you can see the pvc/nipple watering system - this is less messy and wasteful than the regular water bowls. The pvc goes under the last panel because that panel will be cut out and lead into the second run, then it goes into the coop where there will be two nipples in there.


Here are more pictures of the waterer. It holds a little over 2 gallons of water and is easy to refill. The height of the nipples is set at what's comfortable for the adult chickens and I put a little wooden "step" for the little ones. They use it! They hop up there and drink water. I actually really love it, it does make life a little easier. I never have to worry about dirty water, it gives the chicken something to play with, and I just have to add water every other day or so. The pvc actually runs all the way into the coop and there are 2 nipples for them to drink water in there as well.


To the right of the coop (where the plant is) is where the addition will be.

Here is the nest door open - that's where I can collect the eggs that they lay in the nests. It will extend out 8+ feet (as far as possible). (well, that's the plan anyways!)

Still have some finishing touches to complete on the extension to make it look nice, but the chickens are all moved in and loving it.

This is the doorway into the extension run and the chickens happily checking out their new play area.