Asil X Sumatra. He is triple spurred, and only about 6 months in this picture.
From the above rooster and a pure China Game hen. He is about 5 months or so here.
He has the multiple spurring of the Sumatra, but no black in his face. I will be putting him back over some more China Game hens.​
Pure White Yokohama. Pretty useless really. Very weak birds.
I never got a good bird out of him. My Yokohama crosses came from the hen that came with him.

Dun Gold Phoenix. This rooster is actually 3/8 Grey Junglefowl and 5/8 Phoenix. He is the daddy of the next rooster.

From the above rooster; and a 3/4 Phoenix 1/4 Ceylon Junglefowl hen.
I have raised four of his sisters and kept all of them. I am breeding them to a Ceylon Junglefowl X Longtail rooster.