We started February right, with a new grandson. Simon Don Kline. Born Feb. 1, at 8:22pm, 7lb.2oz., 20 inches long. Some of you have heard me talk about his sister, Gemma (11yrs). She got me started with chickens. Well, she was right there, encouraging her mom, watching the doc do his thing while mom did her thing and brother did his thing. Absolutely fun. I took about four hundred pics, love my digital, and have now whittled it down to two hundred. Simon's first bath has its own cd. Dad and Gemma are so alike, when I said I put everything on four cds, they both said, "but Lord of the Rings only has three". Go ahead and mock me, I'm having a ball. We feel so blessed and are greatful for all our grandkids (we now have seven). I soooo believe grandkids are our reward for what we put up with from our kids.