Welcome to Solsken Farm!
We have beautiful flocks of Copper Black Marans, True Ameraucanas, and Brabanters....
Copper Black and Wheaten Marans Chicks and Eggs
Now taking orders - for eggs and chicks [email protected]

(We can ship eggs, but will only do local pickup for chicks at this time.However we will work towards shipping chicks eventually)

Eggs from today's gathering winter09153.jpg
solskenfarm2009006.jpg solskenfarm2009029.jpg One of our flocks of Copper Black Marans
- Copper Black Marans We are focused on both conformation and dark egg color. We are committed to producing quality stock and will breed to the French standard. This beautiful breed began in France and is prized for it's stunning "chocolate" egg color. These are a wonderful dual purpose bird with gentle dispositions.
Blue and Black Ameraucanas-Our stock comes from wonderful Ameraucana breeders. We have two blue roos in a pen with blue and black hens. The resulting offspring will be blue, black or splash coloring. They lay a gorgeous sky blue egg. (There is a wait list for these currently)
Cream Brabanters-This rare breed lays a large white egg. Their spangles, top hat and beard make them a stunning addition to any flock. They are a gentle, sweet breed. There are very few Brabanter breeders in the US making these birds very hard to find. (Available now)
Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas-Again, our stock comes from some of the most respected Ameraucana breeders across the country. These lovely blue egg layers can be sexed within a few weeks of hatching. The offspring will result in wheaten, blue wheaten or splash wheaten coloring. (Will be available summer 2009)

Easter Eggers-These are a fun, surprising mixed breed that lay blue, green, or sometimes brown egg. The coloring is utterly unique and there is no breed standard. People love these for the wonderful variety of colors. Our EEs consist of blue laced buff, blue, red/brown and black laced brown. They are housed with true Ameraucana or Marans Roos so there will be blue, olive and brown egg laying offspring. (Available now)

Blue Ameraucana hens with nice lacing solskenfarm2009013.jpg One of our Blue Ameraucana Roos solskenfarm2009077.jpg

Brabanters, a docile rare breed , produce large white eggs
cbms010.jpg EEsandbrabanters077.jpg
Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Chicks

Olympia, a lovely Easter Egger Hen producing pretty blue/green eggs
This is Solsken Farm, our Greek revival farmhouse in the lakes region of Central Maine. Solsken means sunshine in Swedish. farmgirlsinthefog-1.jpg solskenfarm003.jpg
Our Great Pyrenees, Kei and Echo, guard our flocks and our daughter, Sky, collects the eggs
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