Welcome to the virtual Old Glory Chicken Farm!!​
This site is under necessary construction. Please watch your step!
Well, my husband and I live in Montana. We have a wonderful home, 4 dogs, and have just recently added 3 chickens to our family! They are "brown" (although I'm learning brown can be one of about 8 colors) frizzle cochin bantams. They just turned one month old today. We're at that exciting (and chaotic) time when we're starting to build our first chicken coop, trying to keep the dogs at bay, and praying that at least ONE of these little wonders will be a hen. I will update this site with pictures of our coop process, and our little feathered friends. Until then, thanks for stopping by and please check back often!!
8/6/08 Update! Finally had some time to work on this page!
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