Welp Hatchery

BYC Member Name: peeps7
Date chicks received: September 28, 2007
What you ordered: white cochins, black cochins, blue cochins, frizzle cochin, seabrights, silkies, guinea keets
Positive Feedback: All the chicks were alive and healthy, including the FIVE extra they sent. Also I called probably 7 times just to ask questions and all 7 times they were VERY nice.
Negative Feedback: None
Other Info: You have to order at least 25 chicks. Ducks and other things are less.

Will you order from them again? Absolutely!!!

BYC Member Name: FluffyChickenMama
Date chicks received: July 2007
What you ordered: BR cock, BO, SLW, RC Leghorns, Welsummers
Positive Feedback: Chicks were very healthy and lively, but one. Did a refund on wrong breed. All the males were marked even though I didn't ask for it. They extras were pullets (even though they were the wrong breed). Shipping is included in the price of the chicks.
Negative Feedback: Customer service could have been better. I ordered 5 Welsummer pullets and 2 cocks but I got 8 speckled sussex pullets and 1 welsumme cock. One SLW came with splayed leg and eventually died but they did not refund or credit me because she said it was an "extra" even though that was the breed I ordered. To me it waas not an extra... and they charge you extra for every breed you order under 5.

Other Info:
Will you order from them again? Because the birds were so healthy and the guy I dealt with later on, Brian, was very efficient, nice, and apologetic about the mix-up, I would order from them at least once more.