What BYC means to me

  1. Goldy Show Hens
    This is an article straight from my heart about what BYC means to me.

    Stress relief
    Before I came to be a BYC member I looked on after a hard day, a lose of a pet, or when I was annoyed by my brothers. I was able to used it to calm down easily and just stay happy, it is on mobil so I could use my Kindle to go on. I got to here about the good and bad things. When I am stressed out about something that happened to my chickens I look forward to going on and finding to answer to the problem.

    Amazing friends
    People like Mountain Peeps to connect with. Also talking about what we have in common. I get to here about their flocks and how the weather is. I can be reminded of the wildfires that once went across our state a few years ago. I am able to here their interests and see what it means for a great friend of theirs like My Pet Nugget to come back.

    Write my thoughts
    As I am doing right now and did earlier I can put all my thoughts down into an article and just write if something is hanging over my head. I can share and not really feel the "Regular World Stress" in chat threads. There is the time I can know that other people and I have the same thoughts about stuff and how the world is running.

    My chicken help
    I know that if I ever encounter an emergency with my chickens that BYC will be there to help. I can also learn about what to watch out for in my flock. Or how to prevent things. I know that even if heaven is the answer that BYC will be here to help and support me in the cure. I can know what has happened and learn if a disease is developing even at the earliest stages.

    Something to count on
    I know that I can count on BYC for any chicken help. I won't be turned down and people will always be here for me. The sponsors have chosen to have BYC and I can't thank them enough for this website.

    Thanks BYC!!!!

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