Thanking a specific moderator, Sumi

  1. Goldy Show Hens
    I am slow to get things done sometimes, inculuding BYC. So in the 2 or more months that I admired BYC I saw a moderator that really helped out in BYC. The honor was well deserved. Sumi has held contests and helped out a lot. All the BYC moderators are amazing too. Sumi goes above and beyond to do things. A member since 2011. Many people on twice that don't even have as many post as Sumi. Now the reason I am writing this article isn't to offend anyone, just thank a member.

    A main thing that Sumi does for us that is amazing and must take so much time is BYC member interviews. I can't even that her enough for all that she does.

    Thanks Sumi,
    Goldy Show Hens

    Here is her profile

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  1. Mountain Peeps
    We sure love Sumi!!!
  2. Nifty-Chicken
    @Goldy Show Hens , thanks for taking the time to write this! We LOVE Sumi and are SUPER thankful that she's a member of our team. She absolutely loves the community and it shows with all her actions!

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