We have added a few chickens to the mix. I was able to sell a few and make room for the new kids on the block! We have added our Buff Orpington that are about two months old along with a few Columbian Wyandottes. I found out that they did not actually come from Columbia South America but may have relatives from Columbia South Carolina. We also added a few more Araucana chicks and a couple of the Black Copper Marands. I am excited about the Marands, they will produce a chocolate brown colored egg. These should go well with a glass of chocolate milk at breakfast I suppose! That is of course provided that they will lay rather than crow. Too young to determine yet but they will be pretty none the less. Pictures will be added as soon as I can find a photographer that can take the photos for me. The rest of the hens are fairing well in the heat. I did have to add a fan to the coop for a liitle relief from the 100 degree temp we had the last week or so. I think they enjoyed it although it seemed as if they were asking for a pool rather than a fan. The first chicks that we obtained are 18 weeks old and should begin laying anytime now. I understand that it is usually 18-20 before a hen will start to lay so we are anxiously awaiting the first production from the four Silver Laced Wyandottes we got from the Gibbs family. Speaking of which, I would like to tell everyone that we were fortunate to have Joshua come by and tend to the hens while we were traveling this last month for the family members who passed away. My mother and my father in law both passed the same week and we were blessed to be with them during this time and appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that were shared during this time of loss. My mother was very excited to see the pictures of the chickens and loved to talk about them and I think it reminded her of the time when she was growing up on the farm and had chickens to tend to. Here are a few photos of the chickens for this week and more will follow as time allows. Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know someone is actually reading these post. Email me directly at [email protected] and I will be sure to reply.